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PETROGEAR’S ability to serve as a one stop shop for machining, fabrication and Design is achieved in our array of services that we are able to provide. Our vision is to be your preferred partner for your manufacturing needs in the Oil & Gas Industry. Being independent makes all the difference. PETROGEAR FZE combines the comprehensive value added services of large companies with the responsive service and competitive costs of a smaller independent company, strategically based in the United Arab Emirates with a purpose built 7000sq.m facility.



Our vision is to be your preferred partner for your manufacturing needs by providing you, our customers with engineering solutions with unsurpassed quality and ingenuity,being the best-in-class with profitable growth through innovation, new product development, international certifications, continuous improvement, and brand building.


Our mission is to provide our customers with a diverse set of products and services in select global markets with an effective, efficient and competitive manner, without compromising on Integrity, Quality, International Standards and Safety.


PETROGEAR is firmly committed to providing high quality equipment that meets and/or exceeds our customer’s requirements by on-time delivery of the highest quality of oilfield equipment, in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations, compliance with company standards, policies and procedures, and conformance to agreed customer requirements while providing maximum value and superior customer service during and after the sale of products while continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system.

The PETROGEAR team are responsible for the quality of service to all of our customers. It is the policy of PETROGEAR for all employees to be proficient in and apply the standards, policies and procedures of PETROGEAR, and is achieved through internal controls and regular training programs.


It is the policy of PETROGEAR to be in full compliance with the highest standards of health, safety and environmental practices. It is Management’s goal to conduct all operations in a manner that promotes safe working practices to minimize risk to our environment and personnel. PETROGEAR’S HS&E objectives are to promote continuous improvements while conducting our operations with minimal risk to our environment and personnel.

  • media Provide training of PETROGEAR’S standards, policies and procedures for HS&E management

  • media Promote an active HS&E workplace culture whereas any of our team have the authority to halt any activity if safety is in question and by recognizing staff who have contributed to HS&E improvement.

  • media Ensuring our management systems are effective by applying risk management and monitoring processes so that risks and hazards are addressed and avoided.